MeshMellow’s High Availability (HA) & high bandwidth datacenter is designed to give businesses everything you need. 

No matter the size of your server (1U to a full rack of 42U) or what amount of the bandwidth you need, we can cater to your specific needs.

Your server & equipment are placed in our facility with multiple layers of access control & 24/7 onsite security.

By placing your servers & equipment in our datacentre, thus saving you the costs & hassles of maintaining them in your office.

No worries on the bandwidth usage been exceeded for all your traffic under our fair usage terms and conditions.

We built our power system with fully redundant incoming transformers, dual power generators & dual UPS support, capable of providing 72-hours of backup power when main grid fails.

Fully redundant Tier-1 network with DDoS Protection, hosted in a Tier-3 equivalent ISO certified data center to achieve highest uptime.

Our friendly support team are staffed with the right expertise and available always, to handle any issues with your hosting issues.

With our partner’s submarine cable to Batam and Jakarta with a mere 9ms return trip directly in the same premise, we are the best provider for your business that has links in Indonesia. Connections to 1024 peers worldwide, you can be assured of fast, redundant connectivity.